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Identify the exact location above...

Do you recognize that famous skyline?  


Where is that place?  You get the idea...   Hint:

Millions of people make a pilgrimage to a specific place in this country every year, during the twelfth month of the Islamic year


Where's that scary roaring statue?


        Need a hint?  The name of a famous landmark in this city is...

Well, unscramble these letters: 

Establishment Photo   IT CRAMPED HERO   Establishment Photo


The country is not in the list.  


I should have first removed my shoes  


Still too easy


This might be tricky.  Here's a hint:

The incorrectly named french fries must surely rank among this country's most universal contributions to modern culture. Because frites are cheap and filling, they are the staple food of most budget travelers in both this country and the neighboring Netherlands. Fries (frites) are usually served in a paper cone and topped with mayonnaise, however an astonishing variety of other sauces are available varying from curry to satay and mustard.

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