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PhotoAug, 2004: The John Muir Trail, CA.  I fell into backpacking this summer, and found it to be something I really enjoy.  I love being outdoors, going where not too many people go, the physical challenge, and lots more. 

My friends Eric and Viki did the entire 200+ miles of JMT in 3 wks--I joined them for a middle section.  I'm still sorting thru hundreds of pictures.

At the end of their 3 wks I drove to Lone Pine, CA to day hike up Mt. Whitney to meet Eric and Viki for lunch.    My pictures are here




June, 2004: Monte Sereno, CA.  Ryan authored and illustrated an award winning book, the Toxic Mistake.  Click on the book cover to read it.  Contact Ryan for publishing rights. 










January, 2004: Las Vegas.  Level 8 gymnastics competition. Ladies, salute!










road trip map.gif (60151 bytes)February, 2003: Photos and a history of our roadtrip from Indy to California. 








Canyon #8

November 14, 2003: Played golf at Cinnabar Hills.  Last 3 holes on the Canyon course:  Par, Par, Eagle.  Hit it to 8 feet from 240 yards with my 3 wood.   Okay it was downhill, downwind.  Not the most difficult par 5 around.  But, still, eagle.   






October 25, 2003: Sourdough, only minutes out of the oven.  Time for lunch.  






October 19, 2003: This was from my Grandmother's 94th birthday. 


In 2005 she died, after a long, great life.  We all miss her.






April 2003:    Photos of my Mother's family and her ancestors, early 1900's.  Some back to 1894.  No web pages back then. 





April 2003: Alexa tumbling in the snow: 


2001: Unarchived footage of Ryan rolling his tongue. If you can do this, send me email. 



Thxgiving 2002: Animated family photo


January 1996: Way back when I was working at Interwave Communications a couple of us were sitting around one day talking about GSM micro base stations and what might be possible with intelligent distributed antennas.  We applied for a patent or two and just now, 10 years later, from a spur-of-the-moment search of the US patent office database I discovered that patent #6078823 was recently granted.  Neato; but, that's the end of the story.  Not like intermittent wind shield wipers or cold fusion, or a new way to store makeup.  Maybe I'll make myself a plaque. 



I have 2 beautiful, smart, well balanced, okay, balanced kids, who are turning into absolutely terrific people.  That is one of them balancing on the pony above.  They're the best part of my life.  My son has been playing in a great basketball league for a couple of years.  It's amazing what great organized coaching can do with little kids.

My little gymnast daughter, who used to spend a high percentage of her waking moments in the gym, is now into diving.

Here she is in a 9 MByte clip of a gymnastics meet, now many years old, but fun.  A couple of years ago she competed in her level 8 State competition, performing nicely (she's sooo steady) and qualifying for the regional competition.

Ryan's got his own page--go have a look. 





Mostly for business I've had the opportunity to travel all over the world.  I've been to many countries in Asia and a few in Europe, to Australia and once to Saudi Arabia.  While I was growing up I lived all over the country: Florida, Virginia, California, Ohio, Hawaii, Alaska, and Arizona; but, I feel like there's 95% of this country yet to be discovered and appreciated by me.  Have you ever met a foreigner who has been to 10 times as many places in the U.S. as you have?   There are a ton of places in the U.S. alone that I want to visit, but I can't even name them--they're just out there, waiting for me to discover them.   Here are some of my travel photos.  Follow this link to see them all on the same page.

Outdoor things are the greatest.  Golf, hanging out by the pool or the beach, reading the paper with a great cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe, running in the hills--tough to beat.  Geocaching is way fun.  Great adventure for kids, too.  With a handheld GPS receiver and some coordinates from the web, you get to go treasure hunting.  My son and I have a cache hidden in the hills behind Los Gatos, CA.  It's called Ry's Lexie.   One of my favorite finds involved a 20 mile hike in Yosemite to a place called Cloud's Rest.   Here's a great (large file) panoramic view   from up there--photo credit to the other guys who made it up that day. 

I like to play golf, but haven't been practicing much over the last year since I've been into triathlons.  A group from my office tried a sprint distance and an Olympic distance triathlon this past season.  To the right is our recent swim start at Treasure Island.  The sport attracts a bunch of crazies.


Here's a nutty picture of my little brother.  Can't tell from the photo, but this was his second attempt.  Turns out the camera wasn't ready the first time.  Makes you wonder whether Darwin was right.  The on the right is more recent, from the sands of São Paulo, Brazil.  


More from my brother: a video clip of a battle between him and a rock.  To view, click on the photo to the left.  



It was way back in 1984 that I received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Caltech.  While I was there I had lunch with Richard Feynman, 1965 Nobel prize winner in physics.  Sounds like there should be a story there, huh?  Not really.  I sat next to him during lunch at freshman orientation in Catalina.  He had no trouble carrying on a conversation with a colleague on his left about high energy physics while at that same time entertaining me, on his right, with small talk about Caltech, or my background, or whatever.  A few years after graduation I was working at a small startup in Mountain View, run by a guy named Melvin Schwartz, who came to work one day to announce that he, too, had won the Nobel prize in physics.  

Maybe it's not that hard to win one of those Nobel prizes.  Let's see... Here's another guy who won.  His equations below "... came as a result of his dissatisfaction with the quantum condition in Bohr's orbit theory and his belief that atomic spectra should really be determined by some kind of eigenvalue problem. For this work he shared with Dirac the Nobel Prize for 1933."






I bet most of you who identified this guy recognized the equations, right?  Admit it.  In case you don't remember everything about him, here's his bio

I went to the 2002 24 Hr of Le Mans.  What a spectacle.    As this car screams into the turn, on the edge of locking up the brakes, you can see the front disk brakes glowing.  I was there with the winning Audi/Infineon team.  From the French catering and Champagne, to the helicopter tour of the course, to the Cuban ladies brought in to roll cigars, it was a first class event all the way.  And they spend some serious money on those cars. 


After the race I continued East  to South Korea, and it so happened that Korea was to play Italy when I was there.  I was out in the streets, with millions of South Koreans, as Korea tied the game in the 88th minute--the crowd was in an absolute frenzy.  You can read the match report.  When Korea scored to win the entire city went completely nuts, and the celebration lasted for hours. 


    South Korea  2-1   Italy   


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