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Sunday, Feb 16, 2003

The journey began right after Ryan's San Mateo basketball CYS 38, the other team 15.   After the game we rushed to San Jose airport to catch our 2:00 flight, Togos sandwiches stuffed in our packs.  Turkey, extra mayo, lettuce and American cheese for the smiley one. 

San Jose to Chicago, Chicago to Indianapolis.  Despite the President's Day blizzard on the East Coast, we made it on time, arriving around 11 pm.  Carl showed us how the Durango, when driven carelessly, can fish tail, spin and go sideways in a snow covered parking lot. 





Monday, Feb 17

Plans called for truck loading Monday morning followed by noon departure.  But Carl wasn't packed, and the truck didn't come.  And even then we never could have loaded all that stuff in the morning, plus clean the apartment, pack the Durango, plus stop at Blockbuster to return a movie.  

So instead we had a greasy breakfast, and went to the grocery store to buy powerbars.   I got a haircut. When the truck finally did show up we spent 5 hours of truck loading and packing, in the dark, 19 F.  Brrr.     

Slept in the apartment in sleeping bags.  Not too bad, but our odometer was reading zero after day 1.  2392 miles left.




Tuesday, Feb 18

Packed Durango, dropped off fish tank, Motor speedway, St. Louis Gateway Arch.  Dinner Ryan's Kansas City.  Visited Kansas, Iowa, spent night in Lincoln.  In the hotel lobby Ryan met the man from New York.  Click here for the story. 

Welcome Indy Fans 3 x 5 Flag




Wednesday, Feb 19

Drove thru Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, to Salt Lake City, UT.  Lunch in Cheyenne WY?  Got to go food and ate in room.  Pictures of dinner in hotel across street.  



Thursday, Feb 20

Ryan met the same New York man again in our hotel lobby.   Stopped at the lake, drove across the salt flats to Reno.  Had lunch in Winnemucca.   For dinner at Reno, all you can eat Sushi.  Photo behind sushi bar.   Spent the night in Reno, arrived in time to go for a swim at the indoor pool.



Friday, Feb 21

Ryan and Carl woke up and went to video arcade while Dave played blackjack.  Had breakfast and played Keno with our pancakes.  Drove to Grandma and Grandpa's in Benicia for a late lunch.  Then, later that night, around 6, Carl dropped us back home in San Jose.  6 days, 2400 miles.