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San Jose airport, gift shop, Sunday




A well known concourse at at big airport


At nearly the speed of light, electronic representations of Ryan's voice, speed back to San Jose as he says 'Hi' to Mom.  (Same thing happens in the other direction.  She said 'Hi', too)


This train is traveling at high speed.  Note the blurred tumbleweeds in the foreground.


Can you see the Durango?  In the row of cars parked closest to the snow, it's 3rd from right.  Isn't that funny?  Did you look?  Did you really try to find the car?


Ryan's space, from his perspective


Running fast, staying still


The Durango, from a little closer, at the edge of the Great Salt Lake.


Ryan's in his space, navigating, or maybe watching a movie.  Looks like a quick stop would have smooshed him.