Sun Sep 4, 2005.  From the valley floor to Clouds Rest (and back)

Hiked up to Half Dome on Saturday.  Staying at a lodge just outside of Hwy 140 gate.

Parked near Happy Isles trailhead at 7:15.  Temp was 45 degrees, warmed up quickly to 70 degrees.  No sweater needed, even to get started.


Wore running shorts and a running shirt.

In a day pack,

bullet4 liter water MSR water bag with dromedary.  Bite valve leaked until I finally got it in the right position.  Should probably carry a spare in case it really breaks or falls off. 
bulletMiniWorks EX Water Filter
bullet1 Nalgene 1 L bottle, in case I had trouble with the dromedary (since it had been leaking the day before)
bulletPocket knife
bulletHead lamp
bulletRunning warmup, long sleeve, which I didn't use
bulletCamera, Olympus 8080


Drank 1 liter of water on the way up to Nevada falls.  There I filtered 3 liters, drank 2 on the way up to Clouds Rest, and the other on the way down.  3 liters was just right.  Would have needed more had it been warmer. 


bulletAte a sandwich and an apple for breakfast. 
bullet2 oatmeal bars and a odwala protein bar on the way up.
bulletSome caramel candy, not so good, too sweet.  Trail mix would have been much better.
bulletRoasted cashews were soooo good, about 2 miles from CR summit.  Take more next time
bulletLoaf of bread (too much).  Ate only 2 sandwiches on top, and 1 orange.
bulletCheese, Ham
bullet2 Oranges


bulletFrom car to top of Nevada Falls, 1:05, via Mist trail.
bulletTo turn off for CR on Half Dome trail, 2:22 (took some time to pump 3 L water at little yosemite valley)
bulletTo top of CR, 4:43
bulletStayed on top for 1:35, lunch, relax
bulletBack to car, 9:59.  Descent took 3:40, no stops except to filter water.  Trip down was via JMT.





Water Filter Info:

Product Info:

MSR MiniWorks EX Filter
This compact filter features new EX technology, which utilizes back pressure to improve the water flow rate.

* New venturi/dampening device also has the added benefit of reducing the force required for each pump stroke
* Ceramic/carbon media can be cleaned over and over for maximum field life
* Effectively removes bacteria and protozoa including giardia and cryptosporidia
* Also removes chemicals including pesticides, industrial pollutants, iodine and chlorine plus taste and odor compounds
* Bottom screws onto an MSR Dromedary® Bag or Nalgene® water bottle for easy operation (both sold separately)
* Easy disassembly lets you troubleshoot and maintain filter in the field

Weight reported dry, without accessories. Made in USA.


MSR MiniWorks EX Filter
Specification Description
Weight 14.6 ounces
Dimensions 7.8 x 3.8 inches
Filter medium Ceramic with carbon core
Removes Protozoa and bacteria
Output 0.83 liters per minute
Pump force 10.4 pounds
Pump strokes per liter 72
Field cleanable Yes